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Online Dog Training Review

Is it possible to train my dog myself, without hiring an expensive personal dog trainer?

The answer is surprisingly Yes, but a few warnings apply.
In a nutshell, "Train Your Dog Yourself" courses are now ubiquitous, and while some packages are amazingly effective, others are just short of being outright scams

Caveat Emptor:

Do NOT waste your time, money and energy
on Dog Training scams or bad products!

You will be amazed at what an effective dog training course can do to your dog. No matter if large or small, a puppy or old - there are a few courses out there that can really help you train your do. These Effective products will:

  • Teach you to train your dog in a matter of days.

  • Teach general obedience training and help you obtain Alpha status with your dog.

  • Help you solve specific problems that bother you, such as potty training, biting, chewing, etc.

  • Offer tips & tricks for various situations (dog with children, with other dogs, in heat, etc.)

  • Be fun for both you and your dog.

  • Bond you and your dog better.

  • Use humane methods only!

  • Offer a true money back guarantee.

However, Bad products frequently:

  • Produce little progress.

  • Are misguiding, and teach your dog wrong  habits.

  • Are either too general without addressing specific problems, or too specific without installing Alpha status.

  • Are badly produced, difficult to use, boring for both you and your dog.

  • Take your money and practice time, leaving you feeling like a fool and your dog frustrated and intimidated.

  • Some courses use inhumane methods to train your dog.

The problem is that sifting the good from the bad is difficult, as even awful products may come wrapped in shiny, tempting web sites. For many products, the only way to find out that they are scams is to fall into them. To help you find your way through the market, the ReviewsNest team of experts with the help of several vets and dog trainers, performed hands-on tests of most dog training courses currently on offer. We also contacted some of the people behind the products, to assess our findings better. The following web pages provide in-depth reviews of the five top-rated dog training courses, followed by a summary comparing these products to each other, along with our conclusions.

The five top-rated products are: (click to read reviews)

In addition, most other dog training courses and sites in the market were reviewed, but did not make the cut. To avoid data overkill (and legal issues from sore losers), the also-rans and scams are not listed here. You may of course try other products, but we strongly advise you to be very cautious in doing so. Your chances of unknowingly falling upon a bad product or a scam and wasting your time, energy, money while irritating your dog and teaching it bad habits are enormous.

It is recommended that you read the review systematically, using the  Next Page button at the bottom of each  page.
Alternatively, just click on any of the links in the Table Of Contents on the right side of the page to directly jump to in-depth reviews of any of the products.
If your time is short, just click HERE to jump immediately to Test Conclusions. 

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