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1) Dog Training Masters home study course, by Ray Coleiro
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What You Get     Suitable For     Lowest Price     Risk: Order Security + Money Back Guarantee     What We Think     User Satisfaction

What You Get:

Quick Start Guide e-Book

Dog Psychology Audio Program

Puppy Training Audio Program

Dog Obedience Audio Program

Problem Solving Part 1 Audio Program

Problem Solving Part 2 Audio Program

193 page Training Guide e-Book

Study Manual e-Book

Plan of Action e-Book

12-Month One-on-One Email Consultation line!



   Secrets to Good Doggy Nutrition! e-Book

   101 Recipes to Cook For Your Dog! e-Book

   How to Choose the Right Vet For Your Dog! e-Book

   13 Amazing Tricks You Can Teach Your Dog! e-Book

   Dog Grooming Secrets Revealed Audio Program

   How to Solve Canine Aggression e-Book

   How to Prevent Future Doggy Behavior Problems e-Book

   Is Dog Insurance Worth It? e-Book

Suitable For:

All Dog Types:

    Male    Female       
    Puppies    Grown   Old       

All animal behavior problems and training aspects:

    General respect (gaining Alpha status)

    Dogs and Children

    Behaving with dogs

    Dog Obedience







    Dog Whispering




    Kennel Training

    Leash Training

    Crate Training

    Separation Anxiety


Compatible with:

    PC    Mac  

Lowest Price:

Product Launch Limited Time offer of $67.00
Expected to rise very soon to $97.00

Lowest price is available from the manufacturer, by clicking here .

Risk: Order Security + Money Back Guarantee:

No Risk, Full money back guarantee.

Dog Training Masters Home Study Course orders are processed by ClickBank – the most respected digital goods retailers around, so order is very safe and secure.

Dog Training Masters Home Study Course betters ClickBank's inherent replace-or-repair guarantee, by offering an 8 weeks (56 days), No questions asked money back guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied, just send an email (or return physical version), and receive a 100% refund - No questions asked.

While most other leading top-programs include something of the sort, Dog Training Masters' guarantee goes even further: after you get your money back, you still get to keep the entire course: e-books, audio programs and all bonuses.

This is REALLY our way of doing business. Two thumbs up!

What We Think:

Dog Training Masters home study course is a recently arrived course that turned the world of Dog Training on its ear. If until not long ago SitStayFetch was considered the best course around, Dog Training Masters arrived and easily took top honors. The course combines several excellent e-books with exceptional audio files, which together form a very powerful course that is both very effective and fun to use.

Dog Training Masters home study course is composed of four e-books, five audio programs and an email help line, plus a wide variety of bonus material. The next few paragraphs provide our assessment of the program's components:

  • The Quick Start Guide e-Book provides you with a roadmap for training your dog. The course provides so much written and recorded material, and this guide helps you cut a straight path to your desired results through all course material. Some other courses leave you overwhelmed with material, not knowing where to start. The Quick Start guide shows you exactly where to start, what to do – and makes using this course so much simpler.

All audio programs are based on a series of interviews with a leading dog trainer and canine behaviorist. The site does not state who she is, which might sound lame, but two of the dog professionals who we consulted with in preparing these reviews have identified her as indeed one of the leading figures in this field. The quality of the audio programs truly reflects this:

  • The Dog Psychology Audio Program enables you to understand your dog, and make him/her  understand you. We consider this a MUST step for effective training, and so most good courses include something of this sort. The main difference between this program and other courses is in the quality of the material, which makes understanding your dog so much easier, and gaining Alpha status with your dog so much faster. This program is rightfully placed first, as it is the key factor in controlling and training your dog.

  • The Puppy Training Audio Program is important for puppy owners. If you do not own or plan to raise a puppy, just skip to the next program, but for you puppy owners – this program is invaluable. It deals with house training, toilet training, crate training, biting, children training etc. – just about every aspect of having a pup as your best friend. In addition to these puppy issues, this program provides the basis for raising your puppy to become a reliable and trustworthy grown dog.

  • The Dog Obedience Audio Program provides a complete dog obedience training course, which enables you to train your dog to perfectly obey your commands. It tells you how to get your dog’s attention, how to reward your dog, how to punish it, and provides excellent instructions, tips and insights on what you should so and what you had better avoid.    

  • The Problem Solving Part 1 and Part 2 Audio Programs address treating specific dog behavioral problems, such as chewing, chasing, aggression (to people and to other dogs), barking, separation anxiety etc. We’re almost getting tired of saying this – but the quality of the instruction is first rate, providing excellent solutions to your dog’s problems. These programs are important both for solving your dog’s existing problems, and to prevent new problems from appearing.

  • The 193 page Training Guide e-Book is very comprehensive, and can be considered an excellent dog training course by its own right. Full of instructions, tips and tricks, bundling this e-book with the audio files truly positions Dog Training Masters home study course as the best dog training course around.

  • The Study Manual e-Book repeats everything you’ve learned through the audio files and e-books, in a condensed Questions-and-Answers format. This helps strengthen the key ideas you’ve learned, enables you to test your knowledge, and mostly helps eliminates any misunderstandings you might have.

  • After listening to the audio programs and reading the e-books, the Plan of Action e-Book provides an easy step-by-step of what you should do. This helps you put what you’ve learned into action, and effectively train your dog.

  • Dog Training Masters home study course provides an effective 12-Month One-on-One Email Consultation line. This enables you to send any questions you might have and receive answers from the site’s experts. The strength of this email support is that it provides a means of getting personal treatment, specifically tailored to your dog’s problems – as if you have hired a personal dog trainer to assist you.

User Satisfaction:

Very High.
Dog Training Masters home study course is a relatively new course. However, in the short time it’s been around it has collected a large number of satisfied customers. Return rate is very low, and our user poll and email feedback resulted in Very High user satisfaction.

Product Site:

For more information about the Dog Training Masters Home Study Course or if you would like to order the product, click here .

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