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The ReviewsNest team of experts, with the help of several dog-care professionals (trainers and vets), performed hands-on tests of numerous dog training courses.

The test results proved that while the market is packed with worthless (or even fraudulent) products, some excellent courses exist, which enable you to train your dog very quickly, both for general obedience training and for specific behavior problems, such as potty training or leash training.

The five programs rated highest by our testers were thoroughly reviewed in the previous web pages. This web page summarizes our findings. It provides a comparison table, followed by our conclusions.

Program Dog Training Masters Home Study Course
by Ray Coleiro
by Daniel Stevens
Dog Training Online
Dove Cresswell
Dog Training Lessons The Complete Dog-Training System
Our Review Dog Training Masters Review Dog Training: SitStayFetch Review Dove Cresswells Dog Training Online Review Dog Training Lessons Review The Complete Dog Training System Review
Lowest Price Buy Dog Training Masters
Buy Dog Training Masters
With Upgrade:
Buy Dog Training Masters
Buy Dog Training Masters
Buy Dog Training Masters
Format e-Books,
Audio lessons
E-Mail Consultation Line


With upgrade: also video files and software
Multimedia slideshows,
Audio files
Video, online content,
e-book, online content
In a Nutshell

Very Comprehensive course. Excellent mix of e-Books and audio files. Training effective, fun. Very easy to use. E-mail consultation line a boon.


Our top pick until Dog Training Masters came out. Very well structured. Very effective e-Book. Recommended to buy with Upgrade Option of Secrets To Dog Training Video Files and SitStayFetch Pro software.


Multimedia format enables seeing and hearing how things should be done. Lack of e-book and having only 7 lessons prevent this course from climbing higher in the ranking.
Excellent for purely audio-visual learners.

Excellent video files and very good e-book make training effective. Other e-books, however, not on par and should be considered as bonuses. 

Not one of the best courses, but best and most effective course we could find for under $15.

User Satisfaction* 

Very High

Very High

Very High



Our Rating

Editor's Choice

If SitStayFetch is ordered with upgrade option, Dog Training Masters falls to #2 spot.


with upgrade:

If purchased with upgrade option, SitStayFetch becomes our #1 Choice



Editor's Choice on a Tight Budget


Our Review Dog Training Masters Review Dog Training: SitStayFetch Review Dove Cresswells Dog Training Online Review Dog Training Lessons Review The Complete Dog Training System Review

* User Satisfaction calculated from product return rate, user poll and email feedback.

Our tests of several online dog training courses and sites laid out a very clear picture of the market. We have found some extremely effective courses, among dozens of also-rans, bad products and scams.

Although we have tested numerous dog training courses, we listed here only the five top-rated courses. This means that all online dog training courses listed above are good, and provide effective results. In addition, none of them is a scam, and you can safely buy and use any of them. However, you need to buy one course, not five, and you certainly want to put your dollars only on the dog training course that gives you the best value. That is why we have to pick our winners:

Instead of picking one winner, the two top-honchos switch position according to which configuration you order:
The best online dog training course currently on offer is Dog Training Masters Home Study Course, with SitStayFetch in second place. However, considering SitStayFetch together with the upgrade option moves it to first place, ahead of Dog Training Masters (and at a lower price, at that).

Dog Training Masters Home Study Course Dog Training Masters ReviewBuy Dog Training Masters is the gifted newcomer. It combines multiple excellent e-books, with numerous audio files, and provides very effective training. Using the course was fun and easy, and it makes for very effective training for both general obedience training and specific problems. It costs more than other programs, but you get more than you pay for - especially if you're an Audio-Visual learner. Compared to other courses without upgrading SitStayFetch, this course is the top-dog.

SitStayFetch Dog Training: SitStayFetch ReviewBuy Dog Training Masters is a different affair. The course is based on the most comprehensive and best e-book around, and considered by itself comes second place. However, when ordering the course you can also order a course upgrade consisting of excellent videos which complement the e-book extremely well, and a unique software for organizing your dog's essential data and monitoring the progress of training. Together with the upgrade, SitStayFetch easily jumps to first place, ahead of all other courses we tested. In addition, offered at a lower price than Dog Training Masters, we consider SitStayFetch+upgrade as the best deal in improvement-per-dollar terms.

If you do not want to spend $59 for a dog training course, the regular version of SitStayFetch costs much less, and still beats all other courses in our tests except the more expensive Dog Training Masters. It is fun, effective and your dog will thank you for it.

While Dog Training Masters and SitStayFetch came out of our tests as the best dog training courses currently offered, all three other courses are viable, excellent options:

Dove Cresswell's Dog Training Online Dove Cresswells Dog Training Online ReviewBuy Dog Training Masters is an online multimedia course, which enables you to easily see and hear each training step and command, as you learn them. Though it is a truly excellent course (and the best for purely audio-visual learners), lack of an e-book and having seven lessons only preclude it from reaching a higher place.

Dog Training Lessons Dog Training Lessons ReviewBuy Dog Training Masters is an online membership site which provides nine excellent video lessons and a host of online content. The high quality video lessons mostly teach canine psychology and form a solid basis on which the online content builds this course. Judging by the videos and online content, this course comes fourth. The other e-books however, do not reach this level of execution.

Finally, The Complete Dog-Training System The Complete Dog Training System ReviewBuy Dog Training Masters wins our Editor's Choice on a Tight Budget award. Although not on par with the other more expensive courses, it is the only truly effective program for under $15, and is much much better than any of the free courses we checked.

We wish you success and a lot of fun in training your dog, and hope the information provided helped you in making a wise decision.

The ReviewsNest team of experts hopes you've enjoyed reading this review and that you've found it helpful. We welcome you to visit our site again in the future for additional Independent, Unbiased, Expert, In-depth reviews.

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