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Online Hypnosis Courses Reviews

Is it possible to Hypnotize people without them even noticing?

The answer is surprisingly Yes, but a few warnings apply.
In a nutshell, Learn Hypnosis courses are now ubiquitous, and while a few packages are amazingly effective, many products are just short of being outright scams.

Caveat Emptor:

Do NOT waste your time, money and energy on Learn Hypnosis scams or bad products!

You will be amazed at what an effective program can teach you to do. No matter who you want to learn hypnotize, or what you want them to do - there are a program or two out there that can really help you. These Effective products will:

  • Teach you to Hypnotize others without them noticing it.

  • Enable you to command anyone to do what you want (in business, in relationships etc.)

  • Increase your selling skills.

  • Make you popular and loved.

  • Go rapidly from beginner to highly advanced techniques.

  • Be easy to apply.

  • Be safe to use. You control hypnosis duration and effect.

  • Offer a no-risk money back guarantee.

However, Bad products frequently:

  • Reveal your intentions to your subject, leaving you in quite a mess.

  • Are misguiding, and teach you bad hypnosis habits.

  • Are badly produced, difficult to use, boring.

  • Take your money and time, leaving you feeling like a fool.

The problem is that sifting the good from the bad is difficult, as even awful hypnosis training products may come wrapped in shiny, tempting web sites. And especially true with conversational hypnosis courses - although their sales copy will not hypnotize you (this would be illegal), their use of NLP and powerful language makes most sales pages very tempting - they all look good. So although some conversational hypnosis courses are honest and extremely effective, for many other learn to hypnotize products, the only way to find out that they are scams is to fall into them.

To help you find your way through the market, the ReviewsNest team of experts performed hands-on tests of several leading hypnosis lessons courses currently on offer. We also contacted some of the people behind the products, to assess our findings better. The following web pages provide in-depth reviews of the five top-rated hypnosis training courses. The reviews are followed by our Conclusions where we compare these products to each, and by all-important Buying Tips.

Our Tests

All programs we checked went through the following tests:

  • Perceived Product Quality: A subjective measure of overall quality. Is this a high quality product, or does it feel like junk?

  • Professional Assessment: Does course have established theoretical basis? Does it start from beginner and logically go to advanced? Is it effective? Is it safe?

  • Course Usage: Is it easy to use? Is it fun or boring? Does it look effective?

  • Real World Tests: After thoroughly studying the courses, our testers applied their methods in real-life situations to check effectiveness.

The Real World Tests were:

  • Mall Test:
    We asked people in a mall to give us personal details "for a research we're performing", and compared the success rate with and without using hypnosis.

  • Bar Test:
    Male testers went into a few bars, checking if they could get girls to give them their phone numbers
    ("dry checking" only - actually dating the girls was forbidden by us!)

  • Sales Test:
    In a T-shirt stand we collaborated with, we offered a white T-shirt with a smiley pattern at $14.99, and an identical black T-shirt for a higher price. Test checked the highest price we could make people buy the black shirt over the white one, using hypnosis.

  • Miscellaneous Tests:
    Buying a car, Asking for a raise

From these tests, the following five courses came on Top: (click to read reviews)

These courses were the best we found for teaching hypnosis and NLP. Although we tested other learn hypnotize courses, software packages and programs, they did not make the cut. To avoid data overkill (and legal issues from sore losers), the also-rans and scams are not listed here.

Wondering whether our reviews are biased? Read our disclosure.

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Or: Click Here for Test Conclusions

Use Hypnosis responsibly, and for entertainment purposes only. ReviewsNest is against trying to control people against their will, using hypnosis and/or any other method.



Disclosure: As a professional review site, we are compensated by the companies whose products we review. We consider earning our visitors' trust of uttermost importance and the only way we know to do this is by providing you with useful and truthful data, so we are completely open and honest about every product we review. Also in the pipeline is a user's reviews feature in which you'll be able to read unedited reviews from other visitors to our site, whether they match our own opinion or not. We take pride in our reviews' quality and their adherence to facts and truth, and we're certain you'll feel the same reading them.
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Conversational Hypnosis
Covert Hypnosis
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Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis
Underground Hypnosis

Test Conclusions
Buying Tips

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