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We Review: Drumming Courses & Online Drum Lessons

Is it possible to learn drumming at home, without hiring an expensive personal drum tutor?

Will your drum playing be any good?

Until lately, the answer to both questions was NO. There simply weren't any effective drum lessons courses that enabled you to learn to play drums well. Face it - as good as a book can be, it really can't teach much on how a beat should sound. Its format is just too limited.

However, recently some new drumming courses emerged that really do an excellent job in teaching drumming. Incorporating videos and audios, as well as written material and photographs, these "online" drum courses enable you to grow from complete beginner to expert drummer quickly, and at a fraction of the cost of personal drumming lessons from a drum tutor.

The market is now packed with dozens of products, and while some are extremely good, others are amateurish and teach bad drumming habits. And the only way to know which drum lessons are good and which are bad is by trying the courses yourself - the hard way.

To help you find your way through the market, the ReviewsNest team of experts performed hands-on tests of several leading drum lessons courses. We also contacted some of the people behind the products, to assess our findings better. The following web pages provide in-depth reviews of the five top-rated Learn-to-Play-Drums courses. The reviews are followed by our Conclusions where we compare these products to each, and by important Buying Tips.

To help you choose, we split the field to two categories:
Best Drum Lessons: This is what most people buy, and what you really want if you want to boost your drumming skills considerably. These courses are truly effective.
Best Lower-Priced Drum Lessons: price limited to $50. If drumming is a part-time hobby, or you don't want to spend more than $50, look here.

The best Drum Lessons we tested are: (click to read reviews)

Best All-Around Course

Best Rock-Drumming Course 3rd Place

Learn and Master Drums, by Dann Sherrill

Learn and Master Drums

Rock Drumming System, by Jared Falk & Jason Kliewer
Rock Drumming System
Drumming Made Easy, by Mike Ray and Shane O'Neill

Drumming Made Easy

Click Here to go directly to our Conclusions and Buying Tips

The best Lower-Priced Drum Lessons we tested are: (click to read reviews)

Best Lower-Priced Course

2nd Place Lower-Priced

Begin Drumming
by Jim McCarthy

Begin Drumming

Music Master Pro
by Jay Dynasty

MMP Drum Lessons


These are the best drum courses we found, of many courses we tested. Click the following links to read the course reviews, or jump straight to our Conclusions and Buying Tips.

Wondering whether our reviews are biased? Read our disclosure.

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Disclosure: As a professional review site, we are compensated by the companies whose products we review. We consider earning our visitors' trust of uttermost importance and the only way we know to do this is by providing you with useful and truthful data, so we are completely open and honest about every product we review. Also in the pipeline is a user's reviews feature in which you'll be able to read unedited reviews from other visitors to our site, whether they match our own opinion or not. We take pride in our reviews' quality and their adherence to facts and truth, and we're certain you'll feel the same reading them.
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Or: Click Here for Test Conclusions and Buying Tips


Table of Contents

Drum Lessons

Course Reviews:

1. Learn and Master Drums

2. Rock Drumming System

3. Drumming Made Easy

4. Begin Drumming

5. Music Master Pro

Conclusions & Buying Tips



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