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Conclusions and Buying Tips

The ReviewsNest team of experts performed hands-on tests of leading Drum Lessons courses and sites.

The test results proved that while the market contains some really awful courses and Plain-Jane mediocre lessons, some excellent products exist, which can teach you very quickly how to play drums.

The three courses rated highest by our testers, along with two extremely low priced courses, were thoroughly reviewed in the previous web pages. This section summarizes our findings, providing a comparison table followed by our conclusions.

Disclosure: As a professional reviews site, we are sometimes compensated by the companies whose products we review. This in no way influences our reviews, which remain unbiased. Full Details Here.


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Category Best Drum Lessons Lower-Priced Lessons
Product Learn and Master Drums
by Dann Sherrill
Rock Drumming System
by Jared Falk & Jason Kliewer
Drumming Made Easy
by Mike Ray and Shane O'Neill
Begin Drumming
by Jim McCarthy
Music Master Pro
by Jay Dynasty
Our Review
Lowest Price




What You Get ● 12 full-length DVDs containing countless files.
● 70 "active" jam tracks, in 5 CDs
● 112 page workbook
● Numerous supplemental files online (songs, music, sheet music, tips and tricks)
● Members forum
Unlimited online help
● 4 full-length DVDs
● 1 full-length jam-tracks CD
● 4 workbooks
● 1 bonus DVD - One Handed Drum Roll
● Drummer Essentials eBook
● Drum Kit Lessons eBook
● Unlimited online & phone help
3 full-length DVDs
152 page workbook
● 1 bonus DVD - Drum Shop Secrets
● Getting Gigs Made Easy CD
● Industry Insider Tips
● Transcripts of all bonuses and of Lesson 1
● Numerous video files
● Many audio files
● Printable material (equiv. to 52 pages)
● 18 video lessons
● 20 audio files
● Printable material
● Lifetime updates
● Similar sets for Guitar Lessons and Bass Lessons
Children adult assistance recommended adult assistance recommended adult assistance recommended
Computer PC, Mac or DVD Player PC, Mac or DVD Player PC, Mac or DVD Player PC or Mac PC or Mac
Order Security + Money Back Guarantee

Two thumbs UP!
Secure order.
No Risk, Fully guaranteed, 60 days. In case of problem just return course to get full refund.

Two thumbs UP!
Secure order.
No Risk, Fully guaranteed, 90 days. In case of problem just return course to get full refund.
Two thumbs UP!
Secure order.
No Risk, Fully guaranteed, 60 days. In case of problem just return course to get full refund.
Two thumbs UP!
Secure order.
No Risk, Fully guaranteed, 8 weeks. In case of problem just email publisher to get full refund.
Two thumbs UP!
Secure order.
No Risk, Fully guaranteed, 8 weeks. In case of problem just email publisher to get full refund.
In a Nutshell

Definitely the best all-around drumming course we know. More DVDs and CDs than all other courses we tested. Provides excellent teaching along with amazing production quality. Multi-angle cameras are excellent. Very well structured, multi-style course. Interesting DVD lessons, effective jam-track CDs, and bolstered by a good workbook and lots of online content. If you want to learn multi-style drumming, this course is for you.

The best Rock-Drumming course we know. Very effective package composed of excellent DVDs, workbooks, CD and eBooks. Multi-angle cameras are excellent. Fast results for beginners, and rises fast to advanced levels. Good as a multi-style drumming course, but excellent for rock drumming. If you want to focus on rock - this is the course for you. Excellent course hampered by a high price. First rate tuition and unique tips for upcoming pro drummers. For most people - high price makes other courses a better buy. Buy this course only if you are intent on becoming a pro drummer, want to get gigs and start profiting from your playing as soon as possible. Not nearly as good as the top courses - but definitely the best course we found under $50. Strictly for beginners, and doesn't rise to intermediate level, but provides solid tuition for a very low price.

Less focused than Begin Drumming, but for an extremely low price provides good beginner-level lessons in Guitar, Bass and Drums. If you want to play drums and can buy one of the other courses - we fully recommend doing so. However, if you see drumming as a side-hobby, and want to get the hang of other instruments too - you'll like this course.

Grade 9.8/10

Best All-Around Drum Lessons

General: 9.6/10
Rock: 9.8/10

Best Rock Drum Lessons


Lower-Priced Course
Our Review

Note: We only display the results for the highest rated products we tested. Our experts have also tested other programs, but to avoid data overkill (and legal issues from sore losers), the also-rans are not listed here.

Our tests of Drum Courses laid out a very clear picture of the market:
Although we have tested several drum lessons, we listed here only the three top-rated courses. We also listed the two best courses under $50. This means that all drumming courses listed above are good, and provide effective results. In addition, none of them is a scam, and you can safely buy and use any of them. However, most drum students normally buy only one or two products, and you certainly want to put your dollars only on those programs that give you the best value. That is why we have to pick our winners.

The best learn drumming courses we know are Learn and Master Drums, and the Rock Drumming System.

Learn and Master Drums is the most comprehensive all-around drumming course we tested. With 12 full-length DVDs, an extensive book and 5 CDs full of active Jam tracks, it will lead you on your way from beginner to pro, constantly teaching you new insights, constantly improving your skills. High quality multi-camera video teaching format makes course very easy to use and follow. If you want to be an all around drummer - order this course. You can spread the cost to several installments, and the bulletproof money back guarantee makes sure that you just cannot lose.

The Rock Drumming System takes a different approach to teaching drums. Although it too teaches several styles, its main focus is on Rock Drumming only. With 5 DVDs using multiple camera angles, a CD, 4 workbooks and 2 eBooks, this course is fully featured and very extensive. And with its tight focus on Rock it provides rock drummers with unique tips and tricks unavailable elsewhere. Combined with an amazingly low price, this course wins our second spot and our first spot for rock drumming.

How can I choose?
Simply put, Learn and Master Drums
and the Rock Drumming System emerged from our tests as the best drum teaching programs and are both excellent buys. All-in-all, deciding between them is very simple, and a matter of price and preference:

  • If you want to be a great all-around drummer, playing different music styles and genres, or if you want to focus on a music style outside Rock - buy Learn and Master Drums (it is also great for rock drumming - just not focused around it). The course is very comprehensive, and covers varied music styles. You really won't regret buying it, and your playing will thank you.

  • If you want to focus mainly on Rock drumming - your best option is definitely the Rock Drumming System. It's an amazing course, Jared teaches fluently and clearly, and the tight focus on Rock truly pays off (it does also teach other styles besides Rock, but Rock is its main forte). The rock jam-track play-alongs are exhilarating, and the course is very well executed. You'll love the course, and the significantly lower price is just an added bonus.

  • Finally, if you can't afford Learn and Master Drums' price - it becomes a no-brainer. Even if your focus isn't on rock - no other course we know under $100 will teach you nearly as well as the Rock Drumming System. Simple.

Drumming Made Easy is another excellent course, brought down by a high price. True - some courses cost higher, and the online price is a bargain compared to the course's price at brick-and-mortar shops, but there's no denying $477 is a lot. In fact - this course costs more than BOTH our two top finishers. Why then did we put it here? because it provides excellent tuition, with a unique "from the trenches" viewpoint that can be invaluable if you want to start earning money from drum playing in the very near future. In all other cases, however, get Learn and Master Drums or the Rock Drumming System, depending on your playing style. They cost much less, and for most people provide much better value.

Begin Drumming is the best course we tested under $50. True - You won't get multiple camera angles here;  You won't get any physical DVDs, CDs or Workbooks (the course is downloadable) and you won't get any advanced drumming lessons (this is a beginners-only course). What you will get, however, are drum lessons for beginners that are well executed and teach you how to play drums well. Solid teaching which we found unbeatable at its price.

Music Master Pro is a mixed course, teaching drums, guitar and bass. It isn't as focused as Begin Drumming, and we've seen other courses which are better - but at its ultra-low price it provides a unique product.

We wish you success with your drum playing hobby or career, and hope the information provided helped you in making a wise decision.

The ReviewsNest team of experts hopes you've enjoyed reading this review and that you've found it helpful. We invite you to visit our site again in the future, for additional Independent, Unbiased, Expert, In-depth reviews.


Table of Contents

Drum Lessons

Course Reviews:

1. Learn and Master Drums

2. Rock Drumming System

3. Drumming Made Easy

4. Begin Drumming

5. Music Master Pro

Conclusions & Buying Tips



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