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2) Singorama 2.0, by Emily Mander
(Click HERE to enter the Singorama product site)

What You Get     Suitable For     Lowest Price     Risk: Order Security + Money Back Guarantee     What We Think

What You Get:

2 e-books
28 Audio Lessons (100s of audio files)
3 Software packages:
   Singorama Mini Recording Studio2 e-books
   Perfect your Pitch Pro!
   Jayde Musica Pro
   The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Reading Music e-book
   Advanced Learning Techniques for Singers e-book
   Singorama Virtual Metronome software
Free email consultation line.

Suitable For:

All levels:
   Beginner , Intermediate , Advanced , Professional.
   Women , Men , Children. 
Compatible for both PC and Mac.

Lowest Price:

Download Version:

   Limited time offer of $99.95
   Expected to rise very soon to $199.95

Lowest price is available from the publisher, by clicking here .

Risk: Order Security + Money Back Guarantee:

No Risk, Full money back guarantee.

Singorama is sold via ClickBank - one of the most respected digital goods retailers around, so order is very safe and secure.

Singorama betters ClickBank's inherent replace-or-repair guarantee, by offering a 60 days, No questions asked money back guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied, just send an email (or return physical version), and receive a 100% refund - No questions asked. In addition, after you get your money back, you still get to keep Jayde Musica and all the other bonuses.

Again - this is REALLY our way of doing business. Two thumbs up!

What We Think:

The new Version 2.0 of Singorama, launched December 2007, emerged from our test as the Queen of "learn singing at home" courses. It proved a highly effective vocal coach, combining the virtues of extensive audio lessons and well-researched books with the flexibility and fun provided by software.

Singorama 2.0 is composed of several audio lessons, e-books and software items, and offers free email consultation. The next few paragraphs provide our assessment of the program's components:

  • The audio lessons and the two e-books are first rate, and cover every thinkable aspect of singing. The books are clear to read, well structured, and provide excellent teaching. Like most programs, the books and lessons teach you warmups, vocal technique, voice care, perfecting pitch, singing harmony etc. However, Singorama also deal with subjects rarely found in other programs, such as personalizing songs, stage performance (how to protect your voice, how to hold a microphone, how to tackle stage fright, how to move on stage etc.), auditions (how to choose a song, how to prepare, what to do during the audition etc.) and singing in a band. The tips and tricks are effective, and could well mean the difference between passing an audition and flunking it. It's a pity that most other programs neglect to address these important issues.

  • The Mini Recording Studio software is such a great idea you just smack your forehead thinking, "why hasn't anybody come up with this before"! It is beautifully executed, simple to use and fun, so it can really make your children (and yourselves) want to practice. In many cases children practically take turns using the software on their computer and (maybe surprisingly) NOT just screaming their lungs out but actually singing and improving!
    The software's greatness is that at the same time, it is very effective even for professionals. The reason is that it provides that otherwise rare feedback as to how you actually sound, and enables you to practice different songs repeatedly, hearing and assessing how well you performed each time.

  • Perfect your Pitch Pro! is a fun game that we found very effective - at least for those of us with a less than perfect ear, (professionals usually don't need this one). While attracted to play again and again, we consistently improved our musical ear. In only a few days, most testers were able to recognize almost every note played on the piano. Very effective.

  • Jayde Musica Pro is another game, designed to teach you how to read music. Sticking to Singorama's high level of execution, this game too is both fun and effective (although not as nice as Perfect Your Pitch). Complemented by the Ultimate Beginners Guide to Reading Music e-book, Singorama proved very effective in teaching how to read music.

  • The Advanced Learning Techniques for Singers e-book is an interesting read. Although our testers did not cut the learning time in half using this book, as the ad-hype promised, they did find a noticeable improvement in both learning time and in the quality of learning songs.

  • The Singorama Virtual Metronome software is nothing we would pay money for, as you can find similar items as freeware on Google. However, it is nicely executed, and it's nice seeing it bundled with Singorama as a free bonus.

  • The email consultation line is great for getting help tailored to your specific singing style (record a song using the Mini Recording Studio, then email it for evaluation along with your questions). With the price of personal singing lessons nowadays around $150 per lesson, we feel that the consultation line alone is potentially worth more than the product's price.

Singorama 2.0 guarantees to increase your vocal range by at least one octave. No other course except Singing Success can promise anything close. Where Singing Success provides the best tuition we know regardless of price, Singorama offers nearly as much tuition for half the admission. At least while its introductory price of $99 holds, We consider this the best deal of all.


Product Site:

For more information about Singorama or if you would like to order the product, click here .

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