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Hands-On Guitar Lessons Reviews

Updated Reviews.

Is it possible to learn to play guitar at home, without hiring an expensive personal guitar teacher?

The answer is surprisingly Yes, but a few warnings apply.
In a nutshell, there are plenty of guitar courses and guitar playing software, and while some packages are amazingly effective, others may be ineffective or just short of being outright scams.

Buyer Beware:
Do NOT waste your time, money and energy
on ineffective Guitar Lessons !

The ReviewsNest team of experts performed hands-on tests for several guitar lessons courses. The test results proved that while the market contains many worthless (sometimes fraudulent) products, some excellent courses exist, which enable you to master guitar basics very quickly, and then lead you to advanced or even professional levels.

The five programs rated highest by our testers are thoroughly reviewed in the following web pages. This web page summarizes our findings. It provides a comparison table, followed by our conclusions and final buying tips.

Disclosure: As a professional reviews site, we are sometimes compensated by the companies whose products we review. This in no way influences our reviews, which remain unbiased. Full Details Here.


Gibson's Learn and Master Guitar have started a Three-Day Sale. Course sold for $100 off, and Course/Guitar combos for $250-330 off. Additional details Here, in their site.

(Comparison table followed by our Conclusions and final Buying Tips)

Product Gibson's Learn and Master Guitar
by Steve Krenz & Legacy Learning Systems
Rock Star Reciepes
Guitar Scale Mastery
by Craig Bassett
Learn Guitar Quick
by Jeff Carson
Guitar Lessons Pro
by Domenick Ginex
Product Image (No image available)
Overall Score (out of 10, price taken into consideration) 9.9

Best Guitar Course. Period!

Best Lower-Price Alternative
8.7 8.3

Best Guitar Course for a Very Tight Budget
Full Review Full Review Full Review Full Review Our Review Our Review
Product Site Visit Site Visit Site Visit Site Visit Site Visit Site
What You Get ● 108 page workbook
20 full-length DVDs, organized as 20 sessions containing countless files.
5 CDs containing 110 "active" jam tracks
● Numerous supplemental files online (songs, music, guitar tabs, tips and tricks)
● Members forum
Live help line
● 2 eBooks
● 150 video lessons
● 26 "active" jam tracks
● Numerous audio files
● guitar tablature
● GuitearIt  software
● Jayde Musica Pro software
● Guitar Tuner Pro software
● Jamorama Metronome software
● Advanced Learning Techniques for Guitar eBook
● How to Tune your Guitar eBook
3 year membership to site. Includes:
● Guitar Scale Mastery System
● Guitar Scale Activators
● Pentatonic Guitar Success eBook
● 3 year membership to online updates
● Learn Guitar Quick eBook
● 23 Audio Files
● Guitar Buying Guide eBook
● Beginner and Intermediate eBooks
● Sound clips
● Guitar Chord Dictionary eBook
● Licks and Tricks eBook
● Playing the Blues, Basics and Beyond eBook
Children adult assistance required
PC / MAC /



/ /
DVD/CD Player
Order Security + Money Back Guarantee

Two thumbs UP!
No Risk, Full money back guarantee:
60 days, No questions asked.

Two thumbs UP!
No Risk, Full money back guarantee:
60 days, No questions asked.

Two Thumbs UP!
No Risk, Full money back guarantee:
8 weeks, No questions asked.

Two Thumbs UP!
No Risk, Full money back guarantee:
8 weeks, No questions asked.

Two Thumbs UP!
No Risk, Full money back guarantee:
1 year, No questions asked.

In a Nutshell An amazing course. Excellent book by itself may be considered best book or eBook course we tested. Amazing DVDs teach just about any thinkable subject related to guitar playing.
Active jam tracks  fun, and enable practicing with real professionals.
Great online content rivaling some other courses' full material.
Members forum provides help from pros and fellow students.
The Rolls-Royce of Guitar Lessons courses. Not cheap but worth every penny.
Very good package composed of effective eBooks, video files, audio files, jam tracks and software.
Very comprehensive, very useful. Software is very flexible. However, biggest  drawback is that learning is ebook based, with ebook sending to videos, which makes studying more difficult and less fun compared to truly video-based courses such as Learn and Master Guitar.
A refreshingly different approach to teaching guitar: Teaching performed mostly by embedding knowledge of scales.
Admittedly Less
comprehensive than top two guitar courses, and contains no videos at all, but all-in-all provides very effective, high quality teaching.
A Very good guitar lessons course for beginners. Based on an eBook covering beginner guitar in 10-lessons. Not nearly as effective and comprehensive as Learn and Master Guitar, Jamorama or even Guitar Scale Mastery, and of course no videos here either, but an excellent course at its price level. Good guitar lessons course for beginners to advanced. Not as fully featured and comprehensive as Jamorama, but does teach well how to play the guitar, chords and tabs, and provides good insights for guitarists.
Quality Score (Independent of price) 10.0 8.9 9.1 8.0 8.0
Overall Score (out of 10, price taken into consideration)
9.0 8.7 8.3 8.0
The Bottom Line Best Guitar Lessons. Period! Best Lower Priced Guitar Lessons   Best Guitar Lessons on a Very Tight Budget  
Our Review Full Review Full Review Full Review Our Review Our Review

Conclusions and Final Buying Tips

Our tests of online guitar lessons courses and sites laid out a very clear picture of the market. We have found some extremely effective guitar lessons sites, among other also-rans, bad products and scams.

You will be amazed at what an effective guitar lessons course can do to your guitar playing. No matter if you are a complete novice or a seasoned pro - there are a few courses out there that can really help you learn to play guitar fast. These Effective products will:

  • Teach you to play your favorite songs in a matter of hours or days.

  • Continue improving your guitar playing skills, to advanced or professional levels.

  • Train your ear for "play by ear" occasions, while teaching how to read tabs and sheet music.

  • Offer tips & tricks for various playing situations (solo, lead guitar, band, etc.)

  • Be fun.

  • Offer a true money back guarantee.

However, Bad products frequently:

  • Leave you playing like a novice, repeating a few chords.

  • Are misguiding, and teach you bad playing habits.

  • Are badly produced, difficult to use, boring.

  • Take your money and practice time, leaving you feeling like a fool.

Although we hands-on tested several guitar lessons courses, we listed here only the five top-rated courses. This means that all online guitar lessons listed above are good, and provide effective results. In addition, none of them is a scam, and you can safely buy and use any of them. However, most guitar students normally buy only one or two products, and you certainly want to put your dollars only on the guitar lessons course that gives you the best value. That is why we have to pick our winners:

The best online guitar lessons course we know of is Gibson's Learn and Master Guitar. It costs more than other programs, but you get much more than you pay for and we still consider it the best deal in improvement-per-dollar terms. However, if you cannot or don't want to spend much for a course, Jamorama makes a pretty good 2nd-best for low-budget buyers.

Gibson's Learn and Master Guitar Read Review Product Site is the most comprehensive guitar lessons course we know of. With 20 full-length DVDs, an extensive book, 5 CDs full of active Jam tracks AND an active students forum with advice and tips from Krenz himself, it will lead you on your way from beginner to pro, constantly teaching you new insights, constantly improving your skills. It is the most expensive top-rated program, but no other guitar lessons course comes close to its depth and breadth. If you take your guitar playing seriously - order this premium product. You can spread the cost to up to 4 installments, and the bulletproof money back guarantee makes sure that you just cannot lose.

Probably the best measure of success is that after so many hours practicing with all online guitar lessons courses and sites, our testers constantly kept returning to Learn and Master Guitar for further practice, leaving most other programs behind.

Buying Tips:

  1. Every 3 or 4 months, Learn and Master Guitar puts on a 40%-off sale, usually for two or three days. If you want this course and are price sensitive, check their site often or sign up for their newsletter so that they will inform you when a sale happens.

  2. If you can't shell out the entire price all at once, note that Learn and Master Guitar offers an easy payment plan, splitting the price to payments as low as $49 per month.

  3. Since Learn and Master Guitar is directly sponsored by Gibson, they are able to offer extremely good deals on Gibson's Epiphone guitars (Acoustic and Electric). If this interests you, more details on their order form Here.

If you only want to spend a small sum for your Guitar Lessons course, Jamorama Read Review Product Site is the next-best course we found. Based on two eBooks, multiple software programs and games, numerous video lesson files, Jam-Tracks, audio files, and additional bonus eBooks, these guitar lessons are very flexible and fun to use. They enable you to start playing very quickly, and then lead you on from beginner to advanced and even professional level. The software's flexibility enables endless different practice sessions, while the eBooks and audio files provide excellent tutoring.

To put this into perspective, Jamorama is NOT equivalent to Gibson's Learn and Master Guitar. It's definitely a good course, but taking price out of the equation there are other courses we tested who scored much better. However, its low price boosted its ranking much higher than its quality score, landing it on 2nd place. The way we see it - since Learn and Master Guitar provides an outstanding course, there's no use showing lower quality but similarly or higher priced #2 and #3 courses. If you can afford a full guitar lessons course, get Gibson's Learn and Master Guitar - you won't be sorry. But if your budget is low, Jamorama will provide an enjoyable course at a low budget price. 

Buying Tip:

If you would like to buy Jamorama do it soon, as the Limited time offer of $49.95 is expected to end soon, raising the price to $99.95.

Guitar Scale Mastery Read Review Product Site is a very good beginner to slightly advanced guitar lessons course that does not proceed to more advanced levels. It teaches the guitar by embedding a vocabulary of guitar scales in your mind. It is well produced, very comprehensive and also includes a pentatonic guitar lessons eBook to bolster the main guitar scales system. It is clearly less comprehensive than the top two courses, does not contain any videos, and costs slightly more than #2 finisher Jamorama, so it only wins our #3 spot - but if for some reason you are at odds with the top two courses - this would be a safe buy.

Learn Guitar Quick Read Review Product Site is another good program for teaching beginner guitar lessons. Don't be fooled by its low price and confusing web-site - the program is a good beginners course. If you cannot afford to buy one of the courses that came up on top of our tests, we recommend that you use this effective "price leader". It will prove effective in teaching you beginner guitar, and its extremely low $24.95 price which won it our "Editor's Choice - For Tight Budget" title would be money well spent.

Guitar Lessons Pro Read Review Product Site is useful for all levels. It provides solid training for beginner to advanced guitarists. The course is straightforward, teaching you the do's and don'ts. The product has a certain "no-frills" feel, but you do get your money's worth and it rightfully won its top-five rating in our online guitar lessons reviews.

In addition to testing many guitar courses, the ReviewsNest team also checked free online guitar lessons sites. The test results were discouraging: Many of the free guitar lessons sites we tested were designed as traps intended to lure you into buying guitar lessons, usually nondescript or of bad quality. Others were honest sites, but provided mostly low quality teaching. NONE of the free sites we tested offered anything nearly as effective as the best for-pay guitar courses, and some sites included blatant mistakes that should not be taught to would-be guitar players. Either purchase one of our top finishers or buy another course, but in our experience trying to use free online guitar lessons is mostly a waste of time. We guess it's just another case of No Free Lunch...

The ReviewsNest team of experts hopes you've enjoyed reading this review and that you've found it helpful. We welcome you to visit our site again in the future, for additional Hands-On, Unbiased, Expert, In-depth reviews.

Guitar Lessons:
Test Summary

Course Reviews:

1. Learn and Master Guitar

2. Jamorama

3. Guitar Scale Mastery

4. Learn Guitar Quick

5. Guitar Lessons Pro


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Guitar Lessons:
Test Summary

Course Reviews:

1. Learn and Master Guitar

2. Jamorama

3. Guitar Scale Mastery

4. Learn Guitar Quick

5. Guitar Lessons Pro



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