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This Month's Reviews:

Guitar Courses | Singing Courses | Piano Courses | Drumming Courses
Perfect Pitch Courses
| Relative Pitch Courses

Forex Trading Courses | Dog Training Courses
Is Reiki Real?
| Hypnosis Courses

ReviewsNest is a new website dedicated to providing Hands-On, Unbiased, Expert, In-depth product reviews.

Our mission is to help our visitors find their way through crowded markets, helping them to sift the good products from the bad. When checking a market, we hands-on several leading products, using our expert reviewers and consulting as needed with experts in the field.

In our website, we provide the results for the top-rated products in the market, in a straightforward manner. Each in-depth product review includes:

  • The product's price

  • A listing of what you get for your money

  • An analysis of the ordering risk and money-back guarantee, if any

  • Suitability for its target audience

  • In addition, of course, we tell you what we think about the product.

Following the in-depth reviews for the top-rated products is the review summary. The summary provides a comparison chart, along with our conclusions, where we inevitably pick the winners.

We are adamant on keeping ReviewsNest as an Hands-On, Unbiased, Expert, In-depth review site:

  • Hands-On - All reviews are posted ONLY after meticulous Hands-On testing of all products. This enables us to provide accurate, detailed information, and saves you the trouble of buying a dud product. As our heading says: We do the Research, so You don't have to!

  • Unbiased - ReviewsNest is an independent site, not owned by any of the reviewed companies. As such, we do NOT instruct our testers and experts in any way which opinion they should express, or which product they should pick as the winner. We place uttermost importance on our lack of bias.

  • Expert - each product is tested and reviewed both by our in-house panel of expert reviewers, bolstered as needed by experts in the reviewed fields. For example, while testing Learn-to-Play-Keyboards programs, we not only passed them through our in-house reviewers, but also added in several children (to help in checking the fun quotient, attractiveness and suitability for kids), and consulted with professional musicians.

  • In Depth - our reviews are very comprehensive. We try to leave no stone unturned, and provide you with all the data we determine important in making your mind up.

As a professional review site, we are sometimes compensated by the companies whose products we review. We consider earning our visitors' trust of uttermost importance and the only way we know to do this is by providing you with useful and truthful data, so we are completely open and honest about every product we review. Full Details Here

Our site provides the reviews for only a few markets at a time. This month, the reviewed markets are for:

Guitar Lessons Singing Lessons Piano Lessons
Drum Lessons Perfct Pitch Ear Training

  • Online Guitar Lessons courses, designed for teaching you how to play electric and acoustic guitar at home, without the need of an expensive guitar teacher.

  • Online Singing Lessons courses, designed for enabling you to improve your singing skills at home, without the need of an expensive vocal coach.

  • Online Piano Lessons courses, designed for teaching you how to play piano and keyboards at home, without the need of an expensive piano tutor.

    Online Drumming Lessons, designed to enable you to learn drums at home, without the need of an expensive drumming tutor.

  • Perfect Pitch Ear Training Lessons capable of training your ear to obtain both Perfect Pitch and Relative Pitch.


  • Online FOREX Trading Lessons, teaching you how to successfully trade in the world's largest market: FOREX trading.

Learn Hypnotism

  • Online Dog Training Lessons, designed to teach you how to train your dog yourself, without the need of an expensive dog trainer.

  • Online Hypnosis Lessons, for teaching you both Self Hypnosis and how to Hypnotize other subjects.

  • Online Reiki Master courses, where we check if Reiki really works and test leading Reiki Master courses.

We hope you'll enjoy reading our reviews and that you will find them helpful.


This Month's Reviews


Guitar Courses
Guitar Lessons

Singing Courses
Singing Lessons

Piano Courses
Piano Lessons

Drumming Courses
Drumming Lessons

Perfect Pitch Courses
Perfect Pitch Courses


Forex Trading Courses
FOREX Trading Lessons


Dog Training Courses
Dog Training Lessons

Hypnosis Courses
Hypnosis Lessons

Is Reiki Real?




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